Time And Time Again

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The days I'm clean begin to get worse and worse

The urge gets stronger and stronger

The frown gets deeper and deeper

The smile runs farther and farther away

The good moments become fewer and fewer

The anger gets bigger and bigger

The restraint becomes less and less

Slowly, I lose my grip more and more

Suddenly my hands slip

And I keep falling and falling

Until I hit the ground

And I lay there quiet and dying

And then my eyes shoot open

I see everything

My eyes open wider and wider

I stare at my wrist as the horror builds and builds

The scars I tried so hard to erase

Keep coming back again and again

But I can't help it

I can't help it

My cycle of self destruction

Doesn't, and never will, change

I'll continue to fall over and over

And I'll keep making scars time and time again

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