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I sang a song in class today

Everyone says I'm amazing

Even the guys seemed to be impressed by my voice

But having talent wasn't my choice

I don't like being in the spotlight

I just like singing the songs that give me life

I don't care if I'm good

Or if other people like hearing my voice

I just want to be taken seriously

I sing songs that show all my feelings

But no matter how sad

Or how depressing it is

They still only hear my voice

And not my words

So, if you don't want to listen to what I have to say

And only like taking advantage of my talent

Then don't listen please

Or tell me how untalented it makes you feel

Because that's not my goal

If I could I'd give my voice to you

But it's mine

And I need to use it

And you need to hear what I'm saying with it

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