Hidden in the Face of the Moon

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The sky's nothing by empty space and air

But we look at it as if there's really something there

Reach up and touch it

You won't feel a thing

And when you fall back down the crows will sing

The soul is nothing but false hope and dreams

But we act as if it holds us together at the seams

Rip open your chest and look, I dare you

You'll see what I mean soon

And when you try to sew yourself shut all the stitches will scream

Love is nothing but chemicals and trust

But we feel as if it's so much more than lust

Roll back your eyes and look at your brain

There's no heart up there, hearts don't feel the pain

And when you look back down misery will be the only sound

Don't look for things that aren't and never will be

Don't put your trust in lies and false wisdom

Faith is jumping off a cliff and hoping something catches you

Don't give your trust easily, give it to the man in the moon

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