Mafia's Secret by PsychoticTendencies
Mafia's Secretby PsychoticTendencies
They wanted her to be their weapon, and that she became. But at what cost? ---------- ~Warning~ Mature Content Violence Torture Explicit Language Psychotic behavior AG...
  • mafia
  • killer
  • murder
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His Little games by salaire77
His Little gamesby Lola
Tight bras and tiny panties...Callum liked girls in those. Jenna needed a job. She need one desperately. But when she doesn't have much to offer her boss, apart from her...
  • rough
  • panties
  • gentle
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torture (todoroki x reader) by Mariam_Ramzy
torture (todoroki x reader)by Mariam Ramzy
It all begins when your sadistic father with the erasing quirk decides to torture the number 1 pro hero todoroki shouto
  • romance
  • hero
  • helpless
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Red (DL x OC) *Complete* by 0MisSmiles0
Red (DL x OC) *Complete*by MisSmiles
Red has no soul, but when it comes to defending the one she loves from anyone, she becomes sadistic over protective sister. Red was adopted by Seiji when she ran away fr...
  • kanato
  • subaru
  • yui
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Prey  by cannoness
Prey by Cannon
In this life, a human without the money to pay for their own life is worth nothing. Take thoes humans in as property, breed them, and you'll end up like one of me. One...
  • love
  • pet
  • slave
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Sadistic Princess by hedgehog21
Sadistic Princessby Lyubit
I leaned over the railings of the balcony of the room I'm currently renting. It's on the very top floor, 25th, and the view down below was... fine. I can't seem to compl...
  • lotsofincest
  • sadistic
  • hermaphrodite
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Sadistically Sweet (Watty Awards Finalist 2012) by EvaWintergreen
Sadistically Sweet (Watty Awards Eva Wintergreen
Haitlin Brookes had no idea her life would change forever after she saved a young girl from being hit. Her instincts told her not to trust the girl's father or to get in...
  • horrorfiction
  • obsession
  • abduction
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Beautifully Broken by ballet_jc
Beautifully Brokenby Jc
When Harry Potters brother, Charles, is decided to be the boy-who-lived, Harry's life turns out less then good. In fact, it is downright horrible. Lucky for him, Harry k...
  • harrypotter
  • neglect
  • darkharry
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Suicide Girl (A Diabolik Lovers Story) by Loserfaceinlove
Suicide Girl (A Diabolik Lovers Jadey Rage
Shu gets more than he bargains for when he saves the life of a girl in his class who attempts to jump off the roof of their school. A strange relationship forms between...
  • visual
  • reiji
  • videogame
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•attached• [venom] by venomousalien
•attached• [venom]by Your Local Loser
"Can you feel it?" He whispered. I simply couldn't bear this. My heart began to race. It pounded violently in my chest, threating to burst out. He softly ran h...
  • intense
  • fiction
  • boyxboy
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Dark Haunted Bridal(A Diabolik Lovers Story) by Loserfaceinlove
Dark Haunted Bridal(A Diabolik Jadey Rage
After escaping with her life, Jade Honma barely arrives before the Sakamaki mansion, but not without a sharp blow to the head by her pursuers. Waking up with amnesia, sh...
  • reverseharem
  • ayatosakamaki
  • blood
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Lockout of Sanity (boyxboy psychopaths) by kin0monogatari
Lockout of Sanity (boyxboy L & Kino
~Locked in prison, two psychotic killers met, become sex partners, and commit murders together~ WARNING: boyXboy, erotic gay sex, psychological, sadistic, gory, masochis...
  • action
  • masochistic
  • homosexual
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Sadistic Love by desires-ss
Sadistic Loveby sugadaddy
"I was so in love with you that I ignored how horribly you treated me".
  • btssuga
  • btsjimin
  • btsscenarios
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My Other Half (series) by TrecheOtaku
My Other Half (series)by TrecheOtaku
Red eyes in the darkness of my room I can hear the breathing of another.I try not to scream as I cover my head with my sheets.I here foot steps in the room reminding me...
  • romance
  • harrassment
  • magicalcreatures
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Planet Dolan (Lemins) by civilspider
Planet Dolan (Lemins)by civilspider
We all know the crazy Planet Dolan cree quite well and we all know how freaky they can get in some of their vids. So I took the liberty of creating a fan fiction 18+ sto...
  • love
  • requested
  • erotic
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PSYCHOLUCIDITY: Reason To Exist by SynthHarmonia
PSYCHOLUCIDITY: Reason To Existby Jared Val C. Tucay
Shimamura Megumi, victim of a great genocide. She was taken to a different world, gifted with abilities in exchange for her memories. This is a world, where every action...
  • memories
  • original
  • lostmemories
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him & i  by foreverhome-
him & i by 🍉
phan // in which two crazy teenagers make a dangerous pact
  • insane
  • creepy
  • danhowell
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Heart of Fire by abigail_grayson
Heart of Fireby Abigail Grayson
*BOOK ONE OF THE IMMORTAL LOVE SERIES* Lesson number one: Never walk alone on the dark side of Chicago. Melody never expects to disappear from the human world, or take...
  • heartbreak
  • relationship
  • vampire
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My Sadistic Master(Monsta X ff) by DanniaAmanda
My Sadistic Master(Monsta X ff)by BunnyTae🐰
sadistic : adjective -Deriving pleasure from inflicting ppain, suffering, or humiliation on others.ob
  • namjoon
  • possesive
  • sadistic
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Blood. [ Completed ] by DirtyNastyVans
Blood. [ Completed ]by 회색 사회
"Daddy i was just playing around" "Baby girl it's too late to say that" Lilith had a normal life until she finds out that she is the mate...
  • broken
  • theanimeman
  • vampire
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