It's Not Your Fault Dear

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She saw what I wrote

She thinks it's her fault

But it's not

If only she knew

That I've been doing it longer that she

That I've picked up a blade long before she even thought too

I lied when I said it was the first

It wasn't

But now we've both seen what the other has said

And we're too scared to speak

To talk to one another

And help with the pain

When she showed me her scars that day

I told her it'd be okay

What I didn't tell her was that I'd done it too

And that she wasn't alone

And now she's got more scars

And it's all because of me

All because I didn't tell her the truth

And I hope you see this

And I hope you know


Dear, it's not your fault

I've got my own problems

You don't cause them

You help them

Even if we're both a little fucked up


This isn't really a poem but I put it I here for you Rupert.

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