LIFE by annabanana12yearsold
LIFEby annabanana12yearsold
  • true
what is love? by user85146655
what is love?by
In this poem i am going to describes what is love?
  • love
  • sadness
  • sad
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Der raub by ClashTheKev
Der raubby Clash The Kev
Diese Geschichte ist frei erfunden....lasst mir eine bewertung da wenn es euch gefällt.....
  • story
  • youtube
  • horror
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THE OTHER SIDE!! by LavishaChanglani
THE OTHER SIDE!!by LavishaChanglani
Everyone thinks that devils are the bad guys but are we sure that we know devils well.This is a story about a young devil Attack..............
  • angel
  • devil
  • story
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Excelso Trivial: the guidelines of a martyrdom [EN] by gabrielphilippe
Excelso Trivial: the guidelines Gabriel M. Philippe
Celestina hangs like a concubine disarming the terror. Ewnhze, a supporting harlot, cares for the man she could no longer afford. The men of the camp perished, for Awlza...
  • lie
  • digrace
  • true
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Ghost of Wida Road by kurtkck
Ghost of Wida Roadby kurtkck
The events that you are about to read are true. The people that experienced them can verify the events. The principal players were Tom, also known as Cheeks. Then there...
  • ghost
  • paranormal
  • true
My Journal  by Max_1324
My Journal by Max_1324
My life
  • emtions
  • life
  • emotional
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Sakuhima one shots  by mastermatcher
Sakuhima one shots by Valentines
It's the next part get ready for truth or dare with blackheart
  • lgbt
  • sakuhima
  • love
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This is life by marieX_001
This is lifeby marieX_001
Hilfe ich bin ein Teenager und weiß nicht was ich in meinem leben anfangen soll ! Wo gehöre ich hin? Wer bin ich wirklich? Wow und noch eine langweilige Teenagerstory vo...
  • teenager
  • friends
  • life
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pyaar ka junoon by lalityaponguleti
pyaar ka junoonby ponguleti lalitya
this is a love story of a simple girl name piya and she is the anchor ,who is lived in her world and thoughts and she follows her heart and fight for her rights, and th...
  • ishq
  • become
  • story
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Perasaan by unixbk
Perasaanby unixbk
ini adalah luahan isi hati uni, semoga kalian suka.
  • fact
  • sad
  • true
Three Types Of Girls by moonlightinthesun
Three Types Of Girlsby oofily doofily
Why all my friends are better than me.
  • teen
  • true
  • truestory
true facts about vampires by Wulfricshadow
true facts about vampiresby Wulfric Shadow
for you human who are so stereotypical
  • facts
  • true
  • vampires
Right Now by -aestheticcarl
Right Nowby ˗ˏˋ Lily *ೃ༄ ˎˊ˗
How I am thinking right now
  • complicated
  • happy
  • true
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Povestea unui Sociopat. by nimenisingur
Povestea unui nimenisingur
povestea mea , povestea unui socioat.
  • lifetime
  • true
  • mentalhealth
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A Mistaken Story by RaiderBooks
A Mistaken Storyby Silent Tears
This is a story of a guy and how his life had changed since he met a girl who had dark secrets around her. This never stopped him from getting to know her and since meet...
  • love
  • true
  • bpys
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Poems by xdaikoxd
Poemsby xdaikoxd
Poems and maybe just simple thoughts I've had. :)
  • emotional
  • beautiful
  • true
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Mobile legends True or dare✌🏻🔪 by AngelTeo__
Mobile legends True or dare✌🏻🔪by AngelTeo__
Give me some true or dare pls.i run put of true and dare:(
  • true
  • mobilelegends
  • mlbb
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Dr Whoever by JoshuaRocks1998
Dr Whoeverby JoshuaRocks1998
A series of poems that everyone should or most people should relate to
  • lgbt
  • highschool
  • life
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