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Partners (Phanfic au) by PhilHasALion
Partners (Phanfic au)by PhilHasALion
"Phil, we've got a case," Dan said. Phil asked, "What kind?" "Kidnapping. Thirteen young girls kidnapped, tortured, and dumped," Dan mutter...
  • phanfic
  • socialawkwardness
  • danandphil
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Scary thoughts of mine. (2) by Sht_Bleh
Scary thoughts of mine. (2)by Shit
its the first one.. just the second. apparently you can't have more then 200 chapters in one book...?
  • ineedhelp
  • fear
  • tipsforlife
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Sharp Touch by Maroon_Shady
Sharp Touchby Amara Jordan-Shayce
After a prolonged silence he finally spoke up with a voice barely above a whisper. "It was you wasnt it" With eyes hooded by damp hair soaked with blood and a...
  • humour
  • intense
  • sociopath
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Sociopathic by brooklynmurphy567
Sociopathicby brooklynmurphy567
  • sociopathic
  • thriller
  • scared
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You'll Never Take Us Alive by OverbakedPotatoes
You'll Never Take Us Aliveby typing...
"We're just two poor kids, from a really rich city." -Ruth B . . .
  • sociopathic
  • psycho
  • hurt
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Scary thoughts of mine. (4) by Sht_Bleh
Scary thoughts of mine. (4)by Shit
Well, it's just the 4th. Nothing special. Can't explain it. It's just about me, my life and my Scary thoughts. (chapter 19,20, 21,22 and 23 are the most emotional chapte...
  • ineedhelp
  • yourjustalittleshadow
  • realife
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Bitter by testifiedGodhead
Bitterby aryanah
Murder is everywhere during the peculiar month of October for 17 year old Dea Montgomery. Now despite what you think, Dea isn't your average teenage girl after several i...
  • school
  • mystery
  • murder
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Psychopath Or Sociopath by Unknown_Killer17
Psychopath Or Sociopathby Unknown_Killer17
Faith Winchester, a student psychologist is assigned Cerin Black, a local insane killer. Her job is find out if he is a psychopath, sociopath or a different kind of insa...
  • asylum
  • sociopathic
  • psychopath
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Oleander by Emmy_Herondale
Oleanderby Emily Allexis
This is a little teaser taste of a possible future story. It's copyrighted. My fellow wattpadian friend macstolethesky had a mini freak out when she read this, and has b...
  • disease
  • nature
  • humanity
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Harry Potter and Orphan Annie by MHeying
Harry Potter and Orphan Annieby Monty Heying
  • orphans
  • harrypotter
  • britisharistocracy
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Feck the Halls by Sherlock_Lover8
Feck the Hallsby Emma
A bird, it was. -Master Yoda
  • genius
  • yoda
  • sociopathic
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Centuries by LMoriarty
Centuriesby ˗ˏˋ moriarty ˎˊ˗
From the outside, the building looked identical to every other abandoned house in the neighborhood, not that there was a particularly large quantity of those; the paint...
  • threats
  • crime
  • teenagers
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Celestial by andwonderonrepeat
Celestialby andwonderonrepeat
About an odd child and her odd doings Trigger warning: Abuse, murder, and addiction
  • drugaddiction
  • child
  • kid
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Sunshine Yellow; A Warriors Fanfiction by TheIceWarrior
Sunshine Yellow; A Warriors -frostfox
Yellow is the colour of happiness, of life, and of the warmth and strength of heart. It is a colour that also captures the colour of the herb marigold, and the colour of...
  • warriors
  • sociopathic
  • serialkiller
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~Two faced lover~ by TheHellFirePrincess
~Two faced lover~by TheHellFirePrincess
  • rose
  • sociopathic
  • blood
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Denial.  by Jae_02
Denial. by Jae_02
LeviXreader. This really must be hell. All the countless times I would just brush it over my shoulder and continue to walk around oblivious to the fact that I was just p...
  • leviackerman
  • shingekinokyojin
  • emotional
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Sessions by Dreamsmeller
Sessionsby Zack Duncan
  • split-personality
  • dark
  • psycological
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