Stalking Is A Passion // Jaiden Animations by grindmgc
Stalking Is A Passion // Jaiden A. M.
Dear Diary, I think Im in love with a youtuber. «read at your own risks» Ranked #1 in jaidenanimations and im concerned
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Scary thoughts of mine. (4) by fefe2106
Scary thoughts of mine. (4)by Shit
Well, it's just the 4th. Nothing special. Can't explain it. It's just about me, my life and my Scary thoughts. (chapter 19,20, 21,22 and 23 are the most emotional chapte...
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Sociopath by writemysavage
Sociopathby Alexis
"I was diagnosed with sociopathic personality disorder, and it was pretty fucking funny."
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With Pleasure by vegetasgurl
With Pleasureby Vegetaspandex
Anthony Jack Ripper is a psychopathic killer who gets his release and revival from killing. But what if he can't kill just this one victim?
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Partners (Phanfic au) by PhilHasALion
Partners (Phanfic au)by PhilHasALion
"Phil, we've got a case," Dan said. Phil asked, "What kind?" "Kidnapping. Thirteen young girls kidnapped, tortured, and dumped," Dan mutter...
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In The Midst of Winter by Sanchez140
In The Midst of Winterby Sanchez140
Mr. Wong a sociopathic murderer, who has just been released from prison after 20 years for the voluntary manslaughter of a 15-year-old girl named Sabrina Wallace, become...
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