Addie  - Harry Styles by mooloostyles
Addie - Harry Stylesby Moo
"Fatty Addie has no Daddy" the kids taunted her Tears swept across her face as she doesn't understand why she isn't like normal children. A story in which a 16...
  • harry
  • sexual
  • sensual
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Secrets of the Kitsune by Ice_Kitsune4801
Secrets of the Kitsuneby Ice_Kitsune4801
Female Naruto Naruto has many secrets that she'd rather no one ever know (including her gender as many bad things have happened) because she knew that if they found out...
  • itachiuchiha
  • sakuraharuno
  • wattys2018
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Broken and Abused (BoyxBoy) by WellThisIsAwkward49
Broken and Abused (BoyxBoy)by Lexi
James Keaton is a 16 year old boy that has been forced to grow up too fast. When James was around the age of three, his father came home drunk. His life was never the sa...
  • gay
  • selfharm
  • boyxboy
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Somethings should never be said by Hiyori_san
Somethings should never be saidby Hiyori_san
  • self
  • craigtucker
  • southpark
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His Daddy  by XxX_LilPrincess_XxX
His Daddy by ♡_Princess_♡
Highest ranks: [#1 in gayness][#2 in stepfather][#1 in harm][#6 in force] "K-kyle..get off of me..." "Now why would I want to do that baby boy?" He...
  • fatherandson
  • without
  • sexual
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Anorexia- 5sos by backwoodswriter
Anorexia- 5sosby backwoodswriter
sixteen year old clara has suffered from anorexia for most of her life. this book documents the life she lives, the thoughts and emotions she experiences, all while livi...
  • wattys2018
  • eatingdisorder
  • 5sos
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Enigma (M. Yandere X F. Reader)  by LavenderLoner
Enigma (M. Yandere X F. Reader) by Shadowwwwwwww
What if..Your yandere was already caught? Locked up? Strange, wouldn't be? You are a college student, studying to be a psychologist. To pass, all you need to do is stud...
  • cannibal
  • femalereader
  • harm
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I'm Messaging Who? // Completed  by hahahlovethis
I'm Messaging Who? // Completed by ~Mel~
What Eliana didn't know is that the Demi she was talking to was the Demi Lovato she looked up to growing up and the person her little sister absolutely adores.
  • texting
  • demi
  • depression
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phlegmatic ⇢ b.e + o.c by eilished
phlegmatic ⇢ b.e + o.cby andy's ❢
"why don't you have emotions?" "i'm not quite sure." ⇢ lowercase intended! ⇢ highschool au!
  • lgbt
  • lowercase
  • harm
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Warrior (Demi Lovato's Sister) by hahahlovethis
Warrior (Demi Lovato's Sister)by ~Mel~
Growing up Demi and Riley had a close relationship. But as they grew older and Demi moved out, and was gone more Riley and Demi's close relationships crumbled down, but...
  • miller
  • self
  • friends
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Machine by PaperMars
Machineby This profile kills me
He's like a machine. He hates to be touched. He hates anything to be non-sanitized. He can't stand human emotion. He fakes a personality, just to seem okay. He hates te...
  • mental
  • crazy
  • selfharm
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MatPat X reader by Black_Beauty432
MatPat X readerby Harleen quinzel
You were friends with Matthew Patrick( A.K.A Matpat) since you were children. You guys were very close but slowly drifted away as he met Stephanie. You didn't let this b...
  • wattpadwattys
  • drama
  • matthewpatrick
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 Behind The Smile | Miraculous Ladybug Sad Story by UniqueBookworm15
Behind The Smile | Miraculous Lad...by UniqueBookworm15
|MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERING SCENES| "Is this the end?" Chloe, Sabrina and Lila start bullying Marinette. Marinette fakes a smile every time she walks into the sch...
  • self
  • ladybug
  • alya
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Just Let Me Leave (Jercy AU) by BroadwayTrash_PJO
Just Let Me Leave (Jercy AU)by BroadwayTrash_PJO
Jason seemed to be perfect. The people around him, though, weren't as lucky. Depressed. His sister. Anxious and Alone. His two best friends. There were even others, such...
  • dating
  • ship
  • lgbtq
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Suicidal texts • z.m. by zaynmoans
Suicidal texts • z.m.by zaynmoans
"Please don't do it" •contains mostly texting•
  • onedirection
  • zaynmalik
  • selfharm
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Bughead One-shots by SnoopyDog567
Bughead One-shotsby BugheadJones
"This is a story all about how my life got flipped up side down" No but really these are just Bughead one-shots, feel free to leave comments! Fair warning, so...
  • cheesyromance
  • eatingdisorders
  • archiecomics
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Amnesia [Lashton] Sequel to YDHMC by danyulaintonfiyah
Amnesia [Lashton] Sequel to YDHMCby Courtney Fraser
"Hey, Ash. You don't remember me. I'm your boyfriend, Luke. We're in a band, with our best mates, Calum and Michael. You... uh, well you're suicidal. That's what go...
  • self
  • 5sos
  • harm
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Secret Thoughts (Yoonmin) [#wattys2017] by PottorffValdez
Secret Thoughts (Yoonmin) [#wattys...by Cee
If they knew what went through his mind, they would never leave him alone. ** Contains self harm
  • harm
  • seokjin
  • taehyung
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Security ( A Camren fan fiction)  by VioletandTate01
Security ( A Camren fan fiction) by VioletandTate01
Camila had many insecurities and is unstable. Lauren is there with her through the ups and the downs. Her girlfriend Lauren, is her security. But what happens when Camil...
  • ageplay
  • girlxgirl
  • dinah
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I spy with my little eye (Sequel to 'Invisible') by LxT4ever
I spy with my little eye (Sequel t...by Leah
Sequel to 'Invisible'. Blair's letter and picture left many questions with her family and Rachel. Why did she suffer so much? Who was to blame? And who is Willow?
  • harm
  • teen
  • angry
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