Embrace The Darkness****

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I'm evil

Not the sweet girl you think I am

The darkness is creeping up on me

I can't do anything to stop it

Even if I could I wouldn't

Cause I don't want to stop it

I'll embrace the dark

Accept that I'll never be good

I'll enjoy it as I feel the cruel nature wash over my body

As it darkens my soul and taints my heart

The power as it takes over my brain and possesses me

I'll breathe in poison and exhale flames

My heart will no longer beat

I'll be a walking corpse

With a twisted grin and a murderous glint in my eyes

I'll no longer know the meaning of empathy

I'll enjoy causing pain

I won't care

Not at all

I'll laugh when you scream

I'll smile when you cry

I'll be your worst nightmare

By the time you find me it'll be too late

It'll have already gotten me

And then I'll get you

So don't come looking for me

I'm already gone

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