I Know You'll Hate Me For This

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I know I shouldn't hate you for being happy

But I do

I know you think you're in love

But you're not

I know you hate me for making these accusations

But I am

I know he's not right for you

But you don't

I know that he's changing you

But it doesn't matter to you

I know it'll only hurt you

But it's pointless


You know he doesn't accept the real you

But you say it doesn't matter

You know he's tearing us apart

But you don't care

You know I'm angry

But you're just pushing me aside

You know it isn't right

But you're 'in love'

You know it'll destroy you

But you're hoping it won't

You know it's all happening too fast

But you deny it

You know he's bad news

But you ignore the signs


You and I both know this isn't what's best for you

But only one of us has accepted it.

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