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She stares at the sky

Wondering why

Everything had to happen tonight

It's just not right

She can still feel his hand holding hers

She can still see him smile at her across the covers

All of the memories make her shiver

Then the pain hits

He just couldn't call it quits

He threw his future into a bottomless pit

Decided it was worth it

He left her

He let her go

She couldn't decide

If it was for his love to show

Or for his spirit to be set free

But she just couldn't leave it be

The agony ripped out of her throat

Till her voice was raw

And her cries were whispers on the wind

She felt the breeze sway her back and forth

As she sobbed on the front porch

Where her soldier would never come home

All of my thoughts go out to people who have lost family members in the army! I thank them for their courage and protection!

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