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It was a mistake

I didn't mean it

I take it back

I can't lose you

Please don't go

I just want you to know

It was a mistake

Your the one I love

The one I need

Please don't leave

It was an honest mistake

A horrible one

I'll never say it again

It was a mistake


I wish I could take it back

I wish I never told you to die

I swear I didn't try

I was just so angry

I didn't mean anything I said

Please just listen to me

Don't go

I wish I'd known what would happen

And how it'd tear apart my life

When we got in that fight

And I told you die

I didn't mean it

It was mistake

But I can't tell you that now

All because I made a mistake

One mistake cost you your life

And for that I'll never feel right

You were my light and I was yours

Everyone makes mistakes

But mine was the worst of all

When I said it it was a mistake

I never wanted you to take the fall

I tried to call and apologize

But I was too late

I couldn't fix my mistakes

- Alexandra

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