Broken and Abused (BoyxBoy) by WellThisIsAwkward49
Broken and Abused (BoyxBoy)by Lexi
James Keaton is a 16 year old boy that has been forced to grow up too fast. When James was around the age of three, his father came home drunk. His life was never the sa...
  • self
  • triggering
  • boys
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Somethings should never be said by Hiyori_san
Somethings should never be saidby Hiyori_san
  • boylove
  • craigtucker
  • southpark
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Anorexia- 5sos by backwoodswriter
Anorexia- 5sosby backwoodswriter
sixteen year old clara has suffered from anorexia for most of her life. this book documents the life she lives, the thoughts and emotions she experiences, all while livi...
  • cutting
  • harm
  • thin
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Enigma (M. Yandere X F. Reader)  by LavenderLoner
Enigma (M. Yandere X F. Reader) by Shadowwwwwwww
What if..Your yandere was already caught? Locked up? Strange, wouldn't be? You are a college student, studying to be a psychologist. To pass, all you need to do is stud...
  • yandere
  • toxic
  • suicide
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Machine by PaperMars
Machineby This profile kills me
He's like a machine. He hates to be touched. He hates anything to be non-sanitized. He can't stand human emotion. He fakes a personality, just to seem okay. He hates te...
  • love
  • monster
  • mystery
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Bughead One-shots by SnoopyDog567
Bughead One-shotsby BugheadJones
"This is a story all about how my life got flipped up side down" No but really these are just Bughead one-shots, feel free to leave comments! Fair warning, so...
  • boyfriend
  • harm
  • jughead
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Love, Demi (lesbian story) by writingg-poemss
Love, Demi (lesbian story)by writingg-poemss
Demi Lovato Fanfiction Lia has been waiting her whole life for the chance to see Demi Lovato in concert as she has played such a huge part in her life, helping her get t...
  • eating
  • self
  • relationship
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I'm Messaging Who? // Completed  by hahahlovethis
I'm Messaging Who? // Completed by ~Mel~
What Eliana didn't know is that the Demi she was talking to was the Demi Lovato she looked up to growing up and the person her little sister absolutely adores.
  • fanfic
  • demi
  • love
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Fortuitous [U] ✨  by CrassMelanin
Fortuitous [U] ✨ by lil island ting 🏝
Being convicted at age nineteen on a drug possession charge for drugs that weren't even his and being abandoned by his friends and family members led Demarkus to realize...
  • bullying
  • romance
  • humor
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Reflections Of Man by mini_reader
Reflections Of Manby Mini_Reader
Relationship Stuff! I have published some important contents of the original book "Reflections Of Man" by Mr. Amari Soul to share with my readers. I hope it co...
  • self
  • alone
  • love
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Drastic Measures  by DaddyRaichael
Drastic Measures by DaddyRaichael
Sometimes it takes drastic measures for people to understand your pain. To be nice. To notice. Sasuke Uchiha has always bullied Naruto. The other teens and teachers jus...
  • itadei
  • selfharm
  • bullying
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A *Growing* Love by ElectiveChoices
A *Growing* Loveby Elective Choices
My personal journey into weight gain and living in the feeder community with a live in lifestyle feeder who is sometimes abusive. I don't gain for scale numbers but t...
  • feedee
  • feederism
  • feeder
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Secret Thoughts (Yoonmin) [#wattys2017] by PottorffValdez
Secret Thoughts (Yoonmin) [ Cee
If they knew what went through his mind, they would never leave him alone. ** Contains self harm
  • bts
  • yoongi
  • rapmonster
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Warrior (Demi Lovato's Sister) by hahahlovethis
Warrior (Demi Lovato's Sister)by ~Mel~
Growing up Demi and Riley had a close relationship. But as they grew older and Demi moved out, and was gone more Riley and Demi's close relationships crumbled down, but...
  • self
  • harm
  • family
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Forgotten Outcast (Hiccstrid) by Serpent267
Forgotten Outcast (Hiccstrid)by Serpent267
Hiccup is a lonely depressed Outcast boy in Berk High, Astrid has been eyeing the Outcast ever since she seen his self harm marks and has develope unexpected feelings fo...
  • httyd2
  • feelings
  • wattys2017
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Programmed ::Googleplier x Reader:: by cIusterhug
Programmed ::Googleplier x Reader::by -MR. SINISTER-
((Might be under editing. Sorry my writing and grammar sucks.)) Your Dad has sent you the latest prototype of Google Companion (Thanks dad!). However, you aren't exactly...
  • xreader
  • googleplierxreader
  • googleplier
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MatPat X reader by Black_Beauty432
MatPat X readerby Harleen quinzel
You were friends with Matthew Patrick( A.K.A Matpat) since you were children. You guys were very close but slowly drifted away as he met Stephanie. You didn't let this b...
  • wattpadwattys
  • crying
  • fanfiction
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The Alphas (boyxboyxboy)*discontinued* by 92_jin_92
The Alphas (boyxboyxboy)* Annah
Tristan hasn't had the best life. Constantly dealing with a drunk mother after his father passed away when he was ten. Having to live up to impossible standards at sch...
  • boyxboyxboy
  • werecat
  • secrets
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phlegmatic ⇢ b.e + o.c by eilished
phlegmatic ⇢ b.e + o.cby andy's ❢
"why don't you have emotions?" "i'm not quite sure." ⇢ lowercase intended! ⇢ highschool au!
  • originalcharacters
  • suicide
  • dontsmileatme
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Adored (Draco x Reader) by quibblersandbits
Adored (Draco x Reader)by Katherine
Draco meets you in Diagon Alley and is instantly drawn to you, but when you're sorted into Gryffindor will you turn against him? Updates coming.
  • potter
  • insert
  • malfoy
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