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"I'm lost

I've been thrown away

I no longer matter

I've been left to rot

Left with no hand to hold


Now all I'm good for its pity

And I don't want that

I want to live

But where do I go

Honestly I don't know

All I have are broken dreams

Nothing to live for

But I'll keep going

I'll keep going to prove

That I still matter"

That's what I told myself in the beginning

Now I'm not so sure

Cause I don't matter

No longer can I brave

No longer can I hold on

No longer will I live just to prove a point

I'm letting go

Showing that I'm weak

But I don't care

Cause that's all you ever told me

So now I'm letting you know

Those horrible things you did

Don't come without a price

Now I must pay it with my life.

- Alexandra

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