All Gone

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There's nothing left

I'm all gone

Not a crumb left behind

Nothing spared

It took all of me

I tried to hold back

Keep out of it's grasp

But it caught me

I was caught in the grasp of love

And from that moment on

I was doomed

I thought it might be good

I thought I had a chance

That we could be happy

I was wrong

I'm always wrong

Now I'm alone

That's always how it works

You go home

Leave me

And now my hearts broken

And I'm all gone

Every last bit of me

Is in your hands

And you crushed me

Now I'm forced to watch

As you take my heart

And eat it

Tear it up

And I remembered thinking

'This won't be good

It will end badly'

And I was right

But it's too late

I'm all gone

And you're all gone too

Because since you destroyed my heart

I was free from loving you

So I took your heart with my bare hands

And I crushed it

Now you're all gone too

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