Sad Little Girl***

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I told her it'd be okay

I told her she'd always have me

But her tears were too much

And her heart was too rough

She'd shut me out

Didn't want me to hear her shout

Talked as if it was nothing

But it was really everything

I held her hand

And tried to make her understand

But all she did was push me away

I was shoved farther each and every day

I wanted her to see

That she meant everything to me

That it's okay to be happy

But she gave up

Decided not to try

And all she ever did was cry

So I tried to be happy

Be the light in the dark

But we still grow father and farther apart

I don't know why

Maybe she feels she has to play the role

Of the sad little girl

Who's has no goals

Who only frowns

And never smiles

But she won't listen

When I tell her it'll be okay

And she didn't listen

When I told her she always had me

But now she's given up

And I'm on my own

So how am I supposed to go on

When now I'm all alone

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