Why? Because.

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People, doctors, ask me why I self harm

I say it's because I have depression

Then they ask why I have depression

My reply?

I'm sad

Why am I sad is the next question

Now, that's where I get confused

I don't know is constantly my answer

Then they think I need to figure out why I'm sad, depressed

But why?

Is it really something I want to know?

Is there really a reason?

Am I just so weak I can't feel okay?

So, they throw me into groups

To doctors

But why?

So I can understand my feelings?


Why can't they just accept that I'm depressed

Why can't that be reason enough

It's not that complicated

I simply feel like that

I didn't chose it

I didn't just decide to want to hate my life

But that's the way it is

And I'm willing to live with that

Why can't they just stay out of my life

It's mine anyways

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