The 'Outcasts' Are The Ones Who Judge You Behind Your Back

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This feeling

Gone for a long time

But it's been a long time coming

This emotion of dread

It hurts worse than I remember it hurting

I don't want it

Please just leave me be

Either let me go or treat me like a person

I'm a bitch?

Well I'm sorry for being defensive around people who make me feel so insecure

You know, for you saying that you used to feel like this,

You're surprising unsympathetic

I'm done

I'm honestly done

Done with the both of you

This isn't temporary

I can't be with people who make me feel less than

I don't care if you talk about me

Or call me the annoying bitch

Just leave me alone

Because this pain I feel from the words thrown at me by the people I loved the most,

It isn't worth 'belonging'

So yeah, 'I'll have fun with that'

Just stay the fuck out of my life

Because I can say with a clear mind

That if being 'friends' with you

Gets me accused of being a bitch

I'd rather hang out with the people who make me feel like a person

Not like I have to be so much

I'm honestly not who you think I am

I'm more than that

But I was too scared to show it

Now I can

Because I have people I trust

So maybe this makes no sense

But it makes more sense than trying so hard to fit in with toxic people like you

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