Claws Of Depression****

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It's coming back

I can feel it

The deep ache in my bones

And the searing need to be alone

The spacing out

And the empty eyes

Gods, how hard I tried

I tried to keep it back

Push it away from everything

But it's shoving it's way back in

It's burrowing under my skin

And this time it's stronger

More persuasive

It's making me want things I haven't wanted in a long time

Things I'm glad to have not wanted

But it's come back to claim me

And drag me down into the watery depths

My life is again stolen

It's a horrendous theft

And for all the time I thought I was free


Is simply reminding me

It was always there

It never let me go

So now it wants to bring me back down

It'll do anything it can do break me

But it won't kill me

Oh no

That, it leaves to me

It has that power

I'm certain it does

But it wants me to end it myself

To prove that it got the best of me

And maybe it did

So while I sit here writing

Depression dances in victory

For it got what it really wanted

Its sunken it's claw into me

Too deep to rip out

Now I'll always live with it

I'll carry it around on my back


The whispers it whispers in my ear

Things I know are lies but I've heard so many times I can't help but believe

Cause me make a bad decision

One I can't take back

Its says it cares

That it only wants the best for me

And I know what that is

It's all that I really wish for


But depression lies

And it severs all your ties

It rips apart your life

So don't let it catch you

For the claws of depression are sharp

As sharp as the razors you use every night

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