Rupert, Ikabob, Dear, Stalker, Whatever Ya Call Her

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You're more than my friend

So much more

You're my sister

My world

My favourite hug giver

My shoulder to cry on

My someone to smile at

My free therapist

My deep conversationist

My person who knows what I'm talking about when no one else does

My light in the dark

My flying silver dove

My salvation

My inspiration

My human cook book

My on hand dictionary

My personal google

My random fact giver

The only person who's maybe even more messed up than me

My fellow sociopath

My only other clad in black

My joker who can always make me laugh

The one person I'd actually die for

The one who I have a million names for

The one I love but not like that

This is all proof of that

And this is what I wrote for you

It's for you Rupert

You're my only not sunken boat

So you better dang well vote!

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