I Live

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I smile

I smile because I'm better

I smile because I can

I can finally smile

A true smile

One that lights up my face and crinkles my nose

One that makes my eyes sparkle and warms my heart

I laugh

I laugh because it's funny

I laugh because I can

A true laugh

One that leaves my cheeks rosy and eyes watering

One that shakes my body and leaves me flat on the floor

I appreciate

I appreciate because I want to live again 

I appreciate because I can

A true appreciation

I can appreciate with a sense of well being and belonging

I can appreciate my opportunities and even my mistakes

I love

I love because my heart is open

I love because I can

A true love

One that leaves my heart aching but joyful all at the same time

One that fills my whole being with bliss

I live

I live because I want to

I live because I can

A life that's no longer held back by the weights of depression

A life that's filled with a new light

I smile

I laugh

I appreciate

I love

I live

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