Holding Death's Hand

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Hearts stop

Lungs deflate

Skin cools

Blood stills

Eyes close

Grasps loosen

Skin decays

People let go

They die

It's death

It's not you

It's not your fault

It wasn't your hands that plunged into their chest and tore the life out of them

It wasn't your icy breath the caused them to become freezing cold 

It wasn't your hard eyes that locked up their limbs for eternity

You didn't do it

Let it go

Let them go

Or you'll be a walking corpse

It's simple

They're gone

Death came with his looming presence and carried them away

It was his bony arms that grasped their soul tight and climbed the stairs into the clouds

His feet were the ones who took them away from you as he walked into the sky

You were helpless

Death does that to you

It's scary and ugly

But you have to let it go

And you have to let them go

Or you'll spend the rest of your life holding Death's hand

And you know they wouldn't want that

They would want you to know that it's not your fault

Death is inevitable and sneaky

He'll come for you when it's time

Don't let him touch you until then

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