Best Friends Dear?

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I find myself conflicted

In every single way

I find myself in an inner battle

With every word you say

You can't change

Or so you say

But that's no outlook to have on your day

Maybe you feel like your sadness is the only thing that sets you apart

Keeps you from being like the rest

Maybe that's true

But it's not in a good way

It's the worst way possible

And it's starting to show more than before

I love you

I do

And I don't know if I could ever stop being your best friend

But dear

You make it so hard

I can't stand your constantly angry attitude

Or your over exaggeration of every little thing

I want a friend who doesn't lash out

One who has fun

But not over the top

And that was you for a while

But you're changing

And change is great

But not in your case

I just want to help you

Or know what's going on

I don't want to abandon the bond we've built

But if you're not willing to talk to me civilly

Or have an actual conversation instead of denial

I'd be willing to keep this up

But right now I have a friend

Who is amazing and fun

Who doesn't have a dark grey clouding her vision

Who's world isn't all dark or all light

She's my best friend

She's everything you used to be

I just want you back

I'm begging


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