My Arms Aren't That Long****

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I feel her slipping away

I feel her falling slowly

I hear her desperate screams

As she gives up on all she can be

I try to show her

Her own beauty as she falls

But she won't look

She won't look at all

I try to grab her hand

Drag her out of the water

And up onto the sand

But she tied a weight to her ankle

It acts as an anchor

She gave herself no choice

But to slowly slip away

And there's nothing I can say

Not now

Not today

And as she cries

It's not for help

It's for someone to push her further and further down

She wanted it to be quick

Take it all a away with the snap of her fingers

But it doesn't work like that

She's drowning in her misery

And slowly the water fills her lungs

And then she realises

You doesn't want to die

But it's too late now

She's too far gone

I'm afraid my arms just aren't that long

She's sorry

She says

She doesn't want to be dead

She want to be able to live instead

But she's too far gone

And I can't pull her back up

I'm afraid my arms just aren't that long

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