A Better Reason****

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The rain tumbles down from the clouds

A drop lands on my face

I feel it roll down my cheek

Innocent as a tear

I watch it slide down my jaw

I see it as it drips off my chin

And falls into the body beneath me

It lands quickly but quietly

And it mixes in with the blood

The rain drop is no longer able to be told apart from the dark red liquid

The blood I spilled

The body I placed

The person that's dead because of me

The human that I killed

That unsuspecting rain drop is joined by others

They pour down relentlessly

Not aware what they're in for

They land upon my mess and are dirtied

The once clean drops

Are ruined

Because of me

I killed this human

I ruined the rain

I made the Gods cry

I broke hearts

I tore apart families

I did it all for my own sick amusement

I did it because I wanted to

And I don't regret it

Not one bit

So I stand there a bit longer

Letting the rain run down my cheeks and onto the dead

I let it be ruined

I let the families mourn

I let the Gods cry

I let hearts be ripped in half

I let this human remain dead

Because I want too

Do I need a better reason?

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