In Plain Sight***

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I look at the stars

I look at the moon

I look into the dark

It seems welcoming

It calls to me

I want to go into the dark

Where no one can see me

Where I'm invisible

I don't want to have hope anymore

I'm hopeless

I don't care anymore

I'm stepping into the dark

And losing the light

Letting go of my will to fight

I don't need it anymore

I'm leaving everything behind

I can be blind

And not have to see the bad

For the dark may be called evil

When it really just hides us

From the real evil

That walks in broad daylight


Waiting to take us

We hide from the dark in the light

We hide from our savior

So now I'm accepting the truth

Evil hides in plain in sight

In the night I can hide

So I'm going to my haven

Where no one can see me

And I'm all alone

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