Don't Trust Death****

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Death has a way of luring you in

He has so many tricks up his sleeve

Ways to make you believe

That you'll be happier with him

His eyes tell you stories

Of distant lands


But just beneath the beautiful gleam of the surface

His eyes hold the flames of hell

Ready to burn you to ashes

Don't trust Death

His teeth smile through lies

Pearly white and perfectly straight

As if they've never gone through the dirtiness of life

But behind the perfect outside

They're hollow and rotten

Waiting to chew you up and spit you out

Don't trust Death

His arms reach out to hold you

To protect you from it all

They're warm and comforting

But inside the sleeves of his black cloak

They're brittle and cold as bone

Happy to pull you into your grave at the earliest chance

Don't trust Death

His hands offer you gifts

Things you never had

Love and acceptance

But tear the wrapping paper away

And you'll only find sabotage

Don't trust Death

For he's sneaky

And sly as a fox

Once he has you you can't get away

He'll keep you on a tight leash

Making sure you're never too happy

I'm warning you now

Don't trust Death


For I gave in

And he turned me into a walking piece of tin

No heart

No soul

So don't let go

And never

No matter what

Don't trust D E A T H

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