Different Tracks

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I'm so incredibly selfish

But I can't bring myself to care

I don't know how I feel

But I can't bring myself to find out

I don't want help

Yet I cry out for it every chance I get

I say I want to be treated equally

But then I bury myself with self pity

And I think I'm better

Or at least it looks that way

But the sadness always comes back

At least in one way

Every so often

Every few days

The emptiness fills me up

And the bursting sadness leaves me hollow

And I know I'm being selfish

And I know I'm not the best

And I know I'm pathetic and weak

But I also know I'm the best

At hiding it all

If I don't I'll fall

So call me selfish


And weak

Beat me down

But I'll still be selfish

And I won't be any closer to an answer

But I don't care


This one kinda goes everywhere but I couldn't pinpoint exactly what I wanted to write about emotionally so I just threw all into one and that's why it's called 'Different Tracks'

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