The Church and Its God

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Even the dark can't hide what I think about when I'm alone

The ringing of church bells

The ominous tone

Reverberates through the night

Traveling on the wind like a air borne kite

My mind likes to imagine

That that church is burning

That the pages of that bible are relentlessly turning

As the people pray

That things might get better someday

In hopes that their God can make it okay

But that's not how it works

That not how things go

It's just not right

It's written so unbelievably though

But the people latch on

Just to make life seem less tragic

And more like a mourning song

Because even though the tune is sweet

And it has such a slow calming beat

It's celebrating death

And everything about it

And people like to pretend the song's cheerfully lit

So they ignore common sense

And turn away from all things reasonable

And they pray to a man in the sky

One that they hope will save them from nonexistence one day

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