H A T E****

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It runs through my blood

It runs through the very core of the earth

It's in every ones head

It's in everyone's blood

It stains everyone's heart

Especially mine

This feeling

Unlike any other

Not anger

It's worse


Much, much deeper

It's roots plant themselves inside you and never die

And even when you think you've cut it down

A rouge seed plants itself and takes you over once again

It can grasp you unexpectedly

Without warning

This thing I speak of is one of the atrocities of the world

One thing that turns the sky black

It ruins peoples smiles

It steals the light from my eyes

Replaces it with fire from the depths of hell

This can only be one thing

It is only one thing

One little word that does all of this

And if you utter it once

Even only once

It devours you

Fills you to the brim with


Oh how I hate that word

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