Oh My Gods!! (A/N)

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I can't even begin to fathom the fact that I have,

Wait for it.............
*suspenseful drumroll*


I mean seriously!!

One fluffing thousand!!!

I just, I can't even! GAH!

Anyways, love you guys and thank you so so SO much for all of the support. Even if you're a silent reader! Just getting this many views is amazing! I never thought I'd ever get more than a few crappy poems out and 1000 views!! So thanks to everyone again, and sorry that this isn't a poem. Just had to show my excitement!! Ok we I'm done blabbering!

Adios amigos!


Me: "SHUTUP Dora!! You think anything anyone says in Spanish is 'your line'! Well it's not! So get the fuck over it ya little bitch and live with it!"

Dora: "What ever retard" *flips me off*

Me: *gasps over dramatically* YOU DIDN'T JUST DO THAT!

Dora: *smirks a stupid Dora smirk* oh but I did chica.

Me: *suddenly tackles her and stars beating her up*

Dora: *totally whooping my ass* where do I think I go when I'm not on some lame ass children's porn show uh?!


Well that was really REALLY random so sry if I ruined anyone's childhood.

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