Bloody Cliff****

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I'm on a bloody cliff

And I'm dangling over the edge

My feet are swaying beneath me

And the dark abyss reaches up to nip at my ankles

But my fingers are latched on tight

And I refuse to let go

I will hold on until my hands have disintegrated

And my bones have turned into dust

I'll hold you too

I don't care how long it takes

I'm not letting go

I've fallen enough already

But I still tried to climb again

And now I've been thrown off the edge of a cliff

But I've come too far

I'll hold you up

But if you try to drag me down with you

I'll have to let you go

I hope you understand

I have to move on

I have to swing myself back onto the top

And get on with my life

But if you try to stop me

I'll have to let you fall

Not because I'm selfish

Or because I don't care

But because I've been holding onto you for a long time

And I've been trying so hard to convince both of us that it was worth it

And I finally convinced myself

So if you're so adamant on falling

Go ahead

Just know I'll miss you

But I won't go with you

I've come too far

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