I Remember

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I remember thinking

My life's good


That was a mistake

I thought nothing could go wrong

I didn't think this would happen

Now I'm just sitting here hoping

You'll be alright

If your gone I don't know what I'll do with my life

I remember you quitting your dream job to take care of me

I remember you helping me make a birdhouse

I remember sitting on your lap watching ESPN all day

I remember you driving for two hours just to go get my puppy so I could sleep

I remember you singing me to sleep

I remember how proud you were of me when I read you that Dora book

I remember you teaching me how to swim

I remember you helping make my first sand castle

I remember you teaching me how to use the microwave

I remember you teaching me to make pancakes

I remember you going on all the scary roller coasters and rides with me

I remember you taking me hunting for the first time

I remember you proof reading all my school papers for me

I remember you

And I'll never forget you

I love you Dad!


Ok my dad never died but all these things actually happened I cried writing this just imagining what I'd do if my dad died now. So my dad didn't actually die but I wrote this anyways.

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