Kill Me Gangleader by Flirtyflower01
Kill Me Gangleaderby Flirtyflower01
Someone walks into the room but I cannot see its face. It looks like a man and by the look of his posture, he seems very important. "Why were you in my territory...
  • abuse
  • comedy
  • love
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Reasons to Live by HisBeautifulMess
Reasons to Liveby HisBeautifulMess
"One day you'll leave me. You don't want a girl with a rape story," I said as I desperately try to stop my sobs and hiccups. "You deserve someone who is...
  • abuse
  • live
  • hurt
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Paint Me Blue [bxb; mpreg] by RIShan17
Paint Me Blue [bxb; mpreg]by R.I. Shan
Reese is like a fish out of water. He's the new kid everyone picks on for being quiet and reserved. Having no one by his side, he chooses to bury himself in schoolwork...
  • wattpride
  • transphobia
  • hurtandcomfort
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Bully by -lonelynights
Bullyby ❕
He was the fox and she was the rabbit; in which an obsessed bully relentlessly torments his victim over the years.
  • possessive
  • obsession
  • hurt
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Submission by korielyn
Submissionby korielyn
Highest ranking #1 as on 4th July 2017 "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not...
  • mature
  • obsession
  • wattys2017
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Fighting For Life by KylieAlyssa
Fighting For Lifeby KylieAlyssa
*highest ranking- #3 in teenfiction* Aubry Hill is a quiet girl with a scary past and even scarier future. Aiden Clark is a guy with fists of fury and more popularity th...
  • abused
  • teenfiction
  • fiction
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Depression + obsession | Taekook [COMPLETE] by Fluffy_Taeger
Depression + obsession | Taekook [ ⇸ ℜ𝔢𝔦 ⇷
"Would you like a cake?" In which a fragile boy named Taehyung, who has depression and a certain obsession with cutting, gets a job at a bakery and meets a kin...
  • ff
  • bts
  • kookv
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Keeping Secrets From Brother ✓ by obliviongirl14
Keeping Secrets From Brother ✓by Lights L.
Savannah Brewer had lived a tragic childhood. Her father, being desperate for money, sold her to a man for the night. Threatened to keep the event a secret, she is force...
  • god
  • death
  • school
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Translation of Love by Sooaura
Translation of Loveby 수어라
[A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY AND ON THE WATTY'S 2018 LONGLIST] "As if I'm dreaming, his lips touch mine. It's awkward, with my head turned to the side and his beside m...
  • southkorea
  • romance
  • comedy
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His Blonde Little Secret by sakz15
His Blonde Little Secretby Sakz
[COMPLETED] "Who says people have to find out?" Brody smirks, taking another step forward. He's so close to me, I can once again see the gold flecks shining i...
  • badboy
  • highschool
  • wattpad
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Broken Pieces by blackdynamite99
Broken Piecesby Grey
~COMPLETED ~ After an accident that claims the life of her mother and leaves her father paralyzed, Erica Smith is never the same. Erica has people around her but is inca...
  • family
  • accident
  • fear
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The Good Girl Boxer by maybooks04
The Good Girl Boxerby May Conner
COMPLETED BUT EDITING ~~~~🌸~~~~ "Look who joined us boys. If it isn't the GG herself." I rolled my eyes and taped my hands as one of the annoying jocks saunt...
  • thegoodgirlboxer
  • romance
  • drama
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The Dutch Boy (BxB) by Pixie022
The Dutch Boy (BxB)by Pix
An arsonist with a leather jacket and a sexy Dutch accent. And a shy kid from school who works in the local pet shop. The idea that the pair could ever cross paths - let...
  • depression
  • selfdiscovery
  • nerd
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MISSPOKEN *xxxtentacion* by xxxtentacion_love
MISSPOKEN *xxxtentacion*by xxxtentacion_love
a young teen girl with depression dosent know how to be happy or express her feelings to anyone when she meets someone with the same problem.
  • depression
  • trends
  • facts
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Psychotic | ✓ | EDITING by liarsdiaries
Psychotic | ✓ | EDITINGby nιc
#1 in Mystery/Thriller ( 05/17/17 ) "I'm afraid to be alone with my thoughts..." "why?" "Because they're dangerous... and that makes me da...
  • myyouth
  • alone
  • barbarapalvin
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Mr. Regnante [Mafioso Book#1] (wattys2018)  by StationaryObsession
Mr. Regnante [Mafioso Book#1] ( Serena B. Light
*Heighest ranking 26th in Love, 1st in General Fiction, and 1st in Tragedy, as well as no#1 in mystery* When you're the most feared and powerful Italian Mafia Boss, you...
  • protection
  • youngadultfiction
  • past
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Your Touch  •//•  Yoongi x Reader by sugaspoon
Your Touch •//• Yoongi x Readerby sugaspoon
••The reason for being afraid of people around me, of people touching me, even if it's only my hand, is the man we were supposed to call 'dad'.•• aka Two teenagers wit...
  • bangtan
  • hoseok
  • bts
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Made In The Mafia (BoyxBoy) by Thebloodygrimmreaper
Made In The Mafia (BoyxBoy)by Ash
Avery Livesay is the timid, but respectful kid. He's always that kid with great grades who seems to know everything. Though, his high IQ doesn't help when it comes to hi...
  • love
  • mafia
  • slash
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[JUNGKOOK] Painful Regret  by exotaec
[JUNGKOOK] Painful Regret by let me love you
"Forgive me, please.." "I swear I won't do it again." "I'm sorry." "I miss you.." "Come back to me." "Just forgi...
  • selfharm
  • depression
  • yoongi
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The Legend of Wrath by Ancientt
The Legend of Wrathby Ancientt
"Raiden." "Wrath." "Lycan." It doesn't matter which name you call him by. They all address the same broken man. For committing an atrocity...
  • youngadult
  • immortal
  • gods
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