Merciless Reality***

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The rope, pulled tight

The pills, scattered on the floor

The blades, surrounded by blood

The rooftop, a body tipping off the edge

The car, the girl standing in the headlights

The water, rippling slightly as she sinks

That's all the girl can see

The one who used to smile

The one who went to bed at 8

The one who didn't think about death

The girl who was scared of death

Not the one who welcomed it

Not the who desperately wished for it

The once sweet, innocent, little girl

Who's thoughts weren't clouded with suicide and depression

The one who was happy

She's gone

Long gone

She used to be someone I knew

She was replaced by the girl who hates

Who cries herself to sleep at night

The one without any friends

The one who doesn't want to live, not in the slightest bit

She who thinks about ending it all every night

Both of them were me

One was just the blissful past

The other is reality

Cold, merciless reality

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