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I'm horrible

How can I be this way

I don't care

About anything

The hatred fills my lungs

Hatred for anything and everything

It burns as I breathe it in

As I let my breath go

I feel all my joy leave

Feel it slip past my lips


And then I feel the fire

The pressure

The raw burning hatred

How can I be this way?

Do I want to be bad?

I suppose so

Do I want to hurt others?

I do

Do I know why?

I don't

Do I want to know?


I'm scared to know why this evil grows within me

I don't want to know why I feel this wickedness

I am evil

I am cruel

My eyes are like hell fire

My words poison

My thoughts the darkest shade of blood

My actions cut like a sword

I'm violent


I do what I want

When I want to

I take what I want

When I want to

and I don't know why

But I'm


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