Letting Go

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I discovered something

Something I wasn't supposed to

And now

I'm crying

I'm crushed

I feel like it's all my fault

I feel like I could've done something

But I didn't

I tried to talk to you

Tell you it was ok

But you didn't listen

You took that blade and slid it across your wrist

A few more times than the last

You told me you were fine

But I saw something

Something I wasn't supposed to see

And it's all my fault

So now it's my turn

To take that razor and draw

I'm letting go

I was always to cowardly

Afraid of pain

But it's all dull to me now

I want the pain

I need it

I want to stay strong for you

But I can't hold in my own pain anymore

I'm sorry

I'm letting go

Know that it's not your fault

It's mine

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