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We spent half a day at the cove and went home at mid-afternoon. I've been smiling for too long I'll think my face had cramped already. But, what I can do, I'm just too elated, I can't contain my happiness within.

"Congratulations!!!!!", a deafening cheer greets us as soon as we step into the common hall of the resort. I was rendered speechless, as rains of confetti poured over our heads and covered the floor. I looked at Noh and he was grinning back at me. He too was covered in colorful strips of paper.

"Doctor Phun", Nong Love runs to me and I immediately crouched down to receive her sweet embrace. She giggled as she clung her tiny arms round my neck "So you are gonna be my big brother now, P' Noh said he will asked you. Did you say yes already?", she asked excitedly, her eyes sparkles as she speaks.

This little girl innocence is making me blush as I shyly nodded.

"Ye hey!!! P' Phun is gonna marry my P' Noh..", she wiggles happily and pulled me for a much tighter hug. I was astounded at her cute reaction over the news I brought. How can this little girl have so much understanding than most adults have over this kind of thing?I wonder if Nong Love have fully grasp the whole picture.

"So you're okay with me marrying your P?", I can't help but asked her.

"Uhmm", she nodded nonchalantly like i was asking her a very simple question.

"Why", I was piqued by how casually she answers.

"Because my P' loves you Doctor Phun", she's saying it straight to me. I feel like a child asking my mom an obvious question.

"Really?! He told you he loves me?', I pried a little more, making my voice a little softer so Noh won't hear our conversation.

" I just know", Nong Love whispers her answer too. Her brows danced mischievously at her words.

"How do you know?", I can't help myself but investigate further.

Nong Love puts her little hands unto my ear. "I know..cause I saw my P' was so sad when you went home last time. He was always quiet and he stays  on the beach looking for your tag all day and night. I asked Dad why my P is like that. Dad said P' Yoru has lost his heart. He is sick. P' Night says it's called lovesick ".

I looked at this young lady in disbelief, while she keeps nodding, affirming her statements. I stop myself from smiling since she looked so serious explaining her mind. She pulled me again. "I asked Daddy to buy medicine for P. But Dad said, P needs Doctor Phun to cure him. I also asked my friends and Auntie and Uncle too what to do when someone is lovesick. So they told me, one must find the person who made you sick because only that person can cure you. If that person loves you ,you will be cured.But you need to be together to make sure you won't be sick again. P' Noh is happy when he came back , so I know he found his medicine. Just like you Doc P, you're not sick anymore", her soft hand touches my face gently.

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