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 I rolled down my window and watched the sun slowly brightens up the sky. We're going countryside. I made it a point to travel early to avoid the rush hour. So by this time, where already on our way out of the city.

The lushness  of the trees and the warm glow of the sun. I've enjoy the natural breeze of the swaying trees. It's a lovely day. Noh put on some mellow songs completing this laid-back scenic road trip vibe.

I adjusted my seat and rested my head comfortably. I turned to my left and watched this handsome driver steers the wheel.

"You can take a nap", I heard him say without looking at me.

"Nah.... I want to see the beautiful view".

"If you want to see the beautiful view, then quit staring at me and looked outside."

I laughed. "Nope, the most beautiful view is right here. I don't need those", I turned sideways so my whole body is facing him right now.Cushioning my left hand under my head, i stared at those straight back against the seat.. that beautiful eyes that staring seriously on the road ahead. I love how the sun and the clouds and the trees reflects in those dazzling pupils. Beautiful nose bridge..lightly parted lips...and those smooth neck I have my marks. That beautiful silky skin peeping out from his round-neck black shirt.. and those arms..long...beautiful lean arms stretched towards the steering wheel. ..big and long fingers held firmly..Blue beautiful veins adorned those hands..warm hands..

Those biceps that seems to pop out from that shirt. and those tiny waist..and those black skinny jeans. Soft supple skin peeps teasingly.. that held those long beautiful meaty legs. Capturing the beautiful lines of those legs. Sigh. I'm drooling over my boyfriends hotness.No one can make me fell this way other than this guy.

"Stop it. I'm driving here..". Noh reached his right hand and pushed my face to turn the other side.

"What did i do?", I asked innocently.

"Shut horny idiot..Look the other way".


We took our breakfast at a small diner down the road. Two old buses that's been turn into a diner. The owner used to be bus driver and when  forced to retire, he set this up ( he's a frustrated cook)  I'd say business was doing well. Last time, I was here the extended part was not here yet. Now they've have are poles constructed at the front area with tables and chairs. East side has four long wooden tables and long chairs while the west side has round table for two. Colored umbrellas were designed as give shade to the costumers. On each side, two old trees stood as sturdy pillars.

"What do you want ?", I asked as we take our seat on one of the round tables.

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