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"Sawadee kha. Mind if we join you ?"Malee together with her friends came in to greet us. Though that greeting meant for everyone but her gaze was fixed on one particular guy in our group..Dr. Phun. Such a lucky man he is.

"Sure", I answered cheerfully on behalf of all the guys here on this table.. Who could blame me? Any guy here tonight would have fought to get a chance just to sit next to these lovely ladies. He he he.

The rest of us guys ( excluding the good doctor who is seated by my side) happily scooted to give these ladies space to sit by our side.

"Thanks", a beautiful smile graced her lovely face as she strode her way towards the empty seat beside Phun.

"Can I sit beside you, Dr?".

Dr. Phun just looks at her quietly and nod absentmindedly. I happily made some space between Phun and me for Malee to sit. So here we are seated in this rectangular table sitting, four lovely ladies seated beside four handsome men (ha ha ha). It looks like a freaking foursome date. 

The hall that has been used for the venue of the medical hall has now been turned into a mini bar. We set up a mini stage and everyone welcome to show whatever they've got.

I came up with this idea. Since we've finished our work earlier that we've expected, I suggested for a little unwinding get together, just as a show of appreciation for everyone's effort. The amount of support from my fellow islanders is truly tremendous. So after Uncle Norak gave us approval, I just let the word of mouth do its work.

"Malee, its good that you've come", I strike a conversation with her the moment she settled in. Malee is the only daughter of one of the resort's owners here on the island. Pretty and damn hot.

"I run into Yoru just this afternoon. He invited us", Malee answered softly. She's answering me but her eyes stays glued to the man on her right, who is by the way silently drinking his beer. Ok!! It's too obvious. I sigh. I then apparently resigned myself to watching to performance on the stage and eavesdropping in their conversation. 

"Dr., you're from Bangkok, right?"

"Yes", Dr. Phun answered.

"Traffic is still hell?"

"Um...", he lightly nodded.

"I'm planning to visit Bangkok too. Can you accompany me then. I haven't been in Bangkok for a long time...please....", Malee's pleaded with her voice as she rounds her hands on Dr. Phun's arm. That would make any man's heart melt. I would have if Malee had only ask me.

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