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> Song: Ao hong Chen Artist: You Zhangging..  i don't understand it (not even a single word), but i just freaking love the melody and Zhangging's sweet voice>


Standing in front of the Phumipat's Residence brings so much memories. The wide gold and black ironed gate stood proudly with the two huge white columns on each side. Just how many times have I gaze this large mansion before. It seems like yesterday when I've stood here in muddled confusion after Phun just drop the bomb and ask me to be his boyfriend in exchange for the 20K budget cut from our club."

If I didn't confront him that night, what would have happened?", I wondered to myself. Time does really flies so fast and here I am again standing on the exact place I was few years ago.

The intricate design of the whole house still looks the same. The luscious garden surrounds the area, a vast land of greenness spread intricately like a blanket, highlighting the grand white mansion on its center. I tried to peek beyond the steel bars and found no one in sight. Not even a single soul litters around.

The afternoon sun had somehow lessened the warmth of the surrounding. Guess I have to ring the doorbell since it will be very awkward to stand here all alone. The little circular button on the right column lays in front of me, waiting for a little push. Can't believe ringing a fucking doorbell can be this nerve wracking.


The sudden blowing of a horn scared the hell out of me. I instantly turn around and found the culprit..i mean a black sedan just a few meters away from me. The tinted glass makes it hard for me to see the passenger inside. With squinted eyes I moved a bit to give way to the vehicle to pass through.

I've waited for it to move but it seems on halt too. Slowly the back door opens revealing a set of widened eyes staring straight at me. Two big pools that don't seem to blink paired with face as pale as a vampire's cheek, both hands covered the mouth as if afraid to let any air pass throughout.

This person may have grown taller, those beautiful facial features change to a more confident aura but I knew those eyes, those two big eyes, full of mischief..that twinkles whenever it sees me.

"P'Noh?!?", finally a squeaky voice came out of this beautiful lady. I stood there like a statue as I watch her slowly and hesitantly made her way towards me. I saw how her eyes change every hesitant steps she makes. From pure shocked, to unbelieving eyes, to warm familiarity and finally it broke into tears as those eyes stares in front of me.

"Nong Pang, how are you?", I smiled at my not so little sister of mine.

" God..P'Noh", she whispered and lunged herself towards me. "P' it's really's really you", Nong Pang repeats those words as she hugs me tighter to her.

I felt my heart swell with joy. To finally have someone from your past still remembers you and her reaction is priceless. The feeling that I was never forgotten is making my heart warm.

After what seem like forever, Nong Pang pulled out of my embrace, smiled and looked at me intently. "You're here to see P'Phun?".

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