lovesick [cole sprouse] ✔️ by ronniesdylan
lovesick [cole sprouse] ✔️by izzy
"cody was obviously my favorite." in which a girl expresses her love for zack and cody. *lowercase intended*
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LoveSick || Pennywise X Reader || by CoraRosenthal
LoveSick || Pennywise X Reader ||by CoraRosenthal
||UNDER EDITING|| A few long years after moving away from Derry to live with her Father, eighteen year old, Y/n returns for her Mother and young brother's funeral and t...
  • pennywise
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  • torture
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Metempsychosis |  Reincarnation by thelonelyskylark
Metempsychosis | Reincarnationby thelonelyskylark
#1 Fantasy (5/17/18) Illea von Dulce was living the luxurious life of a Duke's daughter - blessed with wealth, beauty, magical talent and betrothed to the second prince...
  • otome
  • reincarnation
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The Bad Boy Calls Me Babydoll ✔ | Wattys 2018 by baddestbiotch
The Bad Boy Calls Me Babydoll ✔ | Anna Reign 💓
[ Highest Ranking: #886 in Teen Fiction ] Dylan Anderson is a girl who sees what she wants and goes for it. Without crying. Her dad left her when she was four and her mo...
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Yandere Simulator x Reader: Oneshots by Izzys-place
Yandere Simulator x Reader: Bad Girl Online
Yandere Sim characters x reader! Female x fem! Reader, Female x Male! Reader, Male x fem! Reader, Male x Male! Reader. The art in the cover or any of the pictures I use...
  • fluffiness
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  • oneshot
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I Just Love You (MingKit) by Dikfaaa
I Just Love You (MingKit)by Faa
This story doesn't belong to me , All the character , names and plot maybe the same with the real story. Credit should be given to the owner @Chiffon_cake. First time wr...
  • bas
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YandereSim: Yaoi Version Part 2 by ShihoFujioka
YandereSim: Yaoi Version Part 2by Raven Crow
It's back... After months of departure. Yanderesim Yaoi Version has returned. So has Ayato... He's come back... For his Senpai!!! And he won't stop at nothing til he cla...
  • yaoi
  • blood
  • âu
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Yandere Simulator: Yaoi Version by ShihoFujioka
Yandere Simulator: Yaoi Versionby Raven Crow
What if Akademi High School was a school for boys. Ayato Aishi a.k.a Yandere-kun for do anything to win his senpai in the name of love. Espically kill every boy in the s...
  • blood
  • genderbend
  • gore
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Humanity | yandere! Machine Brothers by chsug0
Humanity | yandere! Machine Chap
【Yandere! Adam & Eve x F. Reader】 "Perhaps we are not so different after all." Using the remaining genetic material, YorHa was able to formulate a single huma...
  • alternateuniverse
  • maleyandere
  • 2b
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Your Dev is Shit by Vivisaurs
Your Dev is Shitby its they
This is a rant book about YanDev, the creator of Yandere Simulator. This isn't targeting people who like the game. This is just about him as a person. There will be nega...
  • vivisaurs
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VAMPIRE MATES by Blossomtear_
VAMPIRE MATESby Blossomtear_
It has been a year for Arthit and Kongpob together but the longer they build their relationship the more challenges they need to go through. Everytime other Alpha try to...
  • kornknock
  • 2moons
  • brightgun
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Suck Me Dry: KNJ by kpopartblog
Suck Me Dry: KNJby Kpopartblog
I didn't know that I would fall for you so easily.
  • sexy
  • love
  • lovesick
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SickLove || Pennywise X Reader || Book Two by CoraRosenthal
SickLove || Pennywise X Reader || CoraRosenthal
Ten long years after the horrific encounters, Y/n has recovered from her injuries. And has been diagnosed with Psychogenic Amnesia, she now believes the clown, known as...
  • sad
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  • it2017
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~ Taro(Yandere) X Ayano X Male Rivals ~       ♡Completed♡ by Rxihne_Cxxkie
~ Taro(Yandere) X Ayano X Male
Ayano had a Crush on a Student name "Taro Yamada".On Friday,She went to Confess him at the Cherry Blossom Tree..Taro Rejected her love and she became heartbrok...
  • dramatic
  • ayanoxmalerivals
  • yanderesimulator
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I Need You by kaiyachantel
I Need Youby Kai`Ya
Gerald Jones is in love with Kiara Love. But she's in a coma and Gerald is feeling worse and worse since she's been gone. All he thinks about is her and with her not wi...
  • killingmesoftly
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My BL series/movies list by noenk103
My BL series/movies listby noenk
I want to share my favorite BL series/movies that I've watched, plus the download link and my review. Mostly I prefer watching series/movies from Thai and Chinese. I als...
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Monster | Ayando (Budo x Ayano) by Emirietype
Monster | Ayando (Budo x Ayano)by Emily Marie
RATED #7 IN #AYANDO Ayano Aishi has done everything she can to at last gain Senpai's love: she has murdered all of her rivals at last. The quiet girl of Budo Masuta'...
  • yanderebudo
  • nemesis
  • yanderesimulator
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A Tale Of Noh's Jealousy (One Shot Story) by MissFujoshi0202
A Tale Of Noh's Jealousy (One MissFujoshi0202
A Cosplay and A Rival "You're telling me that I'm not allowed to be touch nor kiss by someone but you let someone do it to you?! I'm telling you this Phun, your bod...
  • lovesick
Only With You by pinkmilkmonster
Only With Youby 99roses4pinkmilkmonster
A life with Noh by his side, that's how Phun imagine his life would be. A clinic of his own, their very own restobar where Noh and his band could jam, a cozy house by th...
  • phùn
  • bl
  • tearjerker
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Lovesick The Series (MM Translation) by chahyejoon
Lovesick The Series (MM Cha Hye Joon
Lovesick the series (MM translation) Novel ​ေလးကို ဖတ္​ရင္​းနဲ႔ ႐ိုႏိုင္​ၾကပါ​ေစလို႔ PhunNoh ကိုလြမ္​းလို႔ Translate ပါသည္​ <3
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