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WARNING: Some tears may fall....

Longest chapter i've ever written so far . Mistakes are mine alone.My mind thinks faster than my hands....just let it go ok na??😂😂😂


After chugging down three bottles of alcohol, I dragged myself out. I told them that I still have an early appointment tomorrow( i lied, actually) so they did not protest when I bid goodbye to them.

"Want me to walk you home?", Night offered about to get out of his seat. I raised my brows at his sudden gesture.

"Nah", I waved him off immediately. "I'm a man. I can take care of my own.I'm not some damsel in distress that you need to walk home. ", I told him instead a little annoyed.

(hey, did i make yoru rap??ok whatever...proceed)😂

" ever said that to you?", Night shakes his head, surrendering  his hands in the air."You had quite a drink and you might end up sprawling somewhere on the beach".

I smack his head "I'm not drunk. It's just three bottles", I reasoned out to him.

"Yeah---yeah...whatever", he waves me off lazily and went back on his drinks.

I hissed and cursed silently to myself. I'm done with myself. It's like my own persona abandon me and left me with all these conflicting emotions running wildly within me.

Instead of going back to my abode, to which I'm sure no one's there yet. My feet took me by the seashore. Might as well let some steam out before going back. I lay myself flat, surrendering my entire exhausted body to the ground resting  both my hands beneath my head. *sigh* The ground felt so cold. The finely coarse sands gently massage my back. It's very relaxing.

The night seems so quite on the outside in contrast to the lively atmosphere by the hall. The soft crashing of the waves to the shore drown the whole scene. The stars are exceptionally wonderful tonight, convening  in the cloudless sky in glittering lights. And the moon.... Sigh. 

 Why are you so round?Why do you have to  shine so beautifully tonight?Huh..Why not tomorrow or the next night, why now!!!???Moon, stars, ocean...yah..yah....Isn't it such a fucking romantic night???

*Sigh*I buried my face in my palms. Look who's the idiot talking to the moon??Ohh...wait it's me.. *sigh*

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