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The dinner served was quiet yet comfortable. Even the chatterbox Pang was somehow lost of words, but a warm smile spread her lovely face, in fact all of us mirrors the same expression. I was thinking that maybe all of us were a bit overwhelmed too. I felt so relieved and happy that words can't seem to be enough.

The old couple retired to their beds early. The young couple stayed with me and we chatted for a while by the garden. Auntie Noi joined us too. I've learned that the newly-wed couple usually visit and stay for a night or two to accompany their parents.

Through Pang and Aunt Noi's account, I had a picture on what transpired after the incident. Pang's cheery face filled with tears recalling all about the past. Nong Pop quietly embraced her, giving his silent comfort.

At this moment, I wish I could fly there right now and be with Phun, held him back tightly in my arms.


I ended up spending the night here. Mr and Mrs. Phumipat, I mean Dad and Mom, along with Pang connive together to let me stay the night. I would have wanted to decline, this newfound understanding we had, still left me dumbfounded. But of course, I'd agreed (I really can't say no, can i?)

Phun's room was the same as I have remembered it to be. Switching the lights on, everything seems like a déjà vu. Like a time capsule frozen in its own time. Despite its owners absence, the room was well-kept.

I wandered around the room, tracing each line with my fingers...feeling each curve and lines of everything in here.

I push open the bathroom door and memories of me, all wasted acting like a complete moron, hugging the toilet bowl for my dear life while Phun being a good friend helping me out. I let out a laugh, if I was Phun I would have just given up and let me sleep myself by the bowl.

I held open his closet. It's all filled with Phun's clothes..Perfectly hanged and neatly piled. I took one out and laid it with me by the bed. The softness of the mattress feels so good against my tired body.

Staring blankly at the ceiling, i came to realized how the room may have look the same...but it lacks an important thing..its warmth.. Just like Phun's eyes. I took the little red pouch by my back pocket and held its content in my hands. I never thought I would see these rings once more. Holding both rings up in the air, like a long lost friend I have found again.

Putting both the band together, I smiled as the infinite eight came into view.

Two rings..

Side by side...


bonded forever...


"Phun... Can you hear me calling you now?", I whisper as i tilted my head to the empty space by the other side of the bed.

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