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When Phun agreed to talk to his parents again..It really made me happy. Somehow this guilt feeling I have seemed to have lifted. Because I know, this distance that had set this family apart has something to do with me.


Even until now, Phun didn't know that I've heard the conversation he had with his father on Nong Pang's birthday. I was hurt by those words, what more for Phun. I remember how he hugged me tightly that night. He never said anything but the way he holds's what like he was him grasping for some  strength.

Now I'm thinking of  Mr. Phumipat' s confession on what transpired after the accident, I don't know if I should tell Phun or not. I know it will hurt him. And I can't afford to see that . Plus, I saw how his parents especially his dad had regretted it.

I glanced at the sleeping visage of the man lying beside me. His disheveled hair, his rhythmic  breathing..that innocent look..This man..this man is my man. The only one who could send warmth unto my heart even when he is practically doing nothing.

Phun is sleeping peacefully, even snoring a bit. The twins gave him a couple more drinks that he usually could take. So I had to dragged this drunk man back. Good thing, I had these muscles now.It comes in handy in situations like this.

I reached for the phone and dialed a set of number of my most frequent caller lately, Phun's mom.

"Hello..Nong Noh?", a woman's voice answered right away with just a single ring. It's as if she's been waiting for this call.

"Hello, Auntie", I politely greeted her back. "Did I disturb you?".

"Oh, no,no..of course not.", Auntie's voice quickly denied." The truth is Auntie's been waiting for your call, Nong  Noh", the other line confessed.

"I'm sorry if I'd call a little late. We had some get together with elders.".

"It's okay. It's good that you're having fun. How are you and Phun?"

"Phun is curled up in bed now.", I answered glancing towards the man.

I heard the other line chuckled.

"Hmm..Auntie, I've talked to Phun..", I stopped for a while to hear the other line.

"Really?? What did he say?", her voice laced with excitement and fear.

"He agreed".

"Oh God?really?!?...",I smiled as I hear a sigh of relief from the other line. 

  "well at the very least he agreed to listen".  

"That's is more than enough for us, Noh".There was a moment of silence and I could hear faint sobs coming from the opposite side. "Thank you Nong. You don't know how much this means to us", it was softly spoken yet my heart heard it loud enough.

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