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> I miss seeing them like this. The way they look at each other ...*sigh**😢 and i can't think of any yah... coz my brain cells all fried up on this chap...😉


"What flavor shall we try first", I tease Noh, showing him Ming's gift on each hand. Noh's face looks like a freshly steamed shrimp, right out of the fire under the luminous light. His reddened ears tells me just how shy my Noh is.

My face been aching from stifling my laughter for so long.  AhhH..if only Noh could see my heart now, it's drowning in happiness. Noh's display of jealousy a while ago got me so pumped up.. he still oblivious as too how cute he is whenever he's fuming in anger. and trying hard to hide it. Am I crazy??? Yes..definitely crazy... I had been crazy ever since the day I asked him to be my pretend boyfriend.

"Shall we begin???", I asked my blushing Noh. Now, I've realized I made a good decision on keeping those two as friends, Dr. Kit and his husband Ming. I do believe in good karma. Dr. Kit readily agrees when I asked him to cover for me..i ask for a week but the kind doctor offered me two weeks off.. who am I to decline, right?

I do knew Ming wouldn't like it, that  clingy husband of Dr. Kit  will wage war over this.. . but I don't really care. They owe me, ha!ha!ha..Time for some repayment..

These two is truly a perfect match, Kit gave me time I need for my own wife and Ming gave me the goods...Hmmm....

Noh's dropped jaw and widened eyes only intensifies my needs. Someone had pushed the button on this guy . Good things he blinks or i could have mistaken him for a statue.. I had been suppressing these urges  since this morning. I wanted Noh to have a proper rest. Does he even know, how desperate I am waiting for him to wake up. I had rested well and felt my own body in top notch condition.

I pounce at Noh, not waiting for any reply. His glistening lips from our recent kiss in the balcony had been tempting me for so long.  I smiled as he moved his lips, giving me full access to his mouth. My tongue hungrily seeks his mouth, dancing in a tune only us knows about. I kissed his tongue, lapping and swirling, we danced together. I pulled away for  while to give him some air before biting  into his upper lips..soft and full...i softly  nibbled unto his delicate lower lips..tracing the lines with my tongue..then I captured his full mouth once again.

"urmmphhh".I heard a soft moan coming from him and it makes my heart swell, fueling the desire in me. I lowered him slowly to the couch, resting his head to the soft pillows I manage to sneak beneath his head. I re-positioned ourselves, without breaking our kiss.

Noh now lies vertically on the couch with one leg on the floor, his hands around my neck, gently pulling me. I had one knee knelt on between his thigh while my other legs props to the ground for support.

I left his lips and start to nibble on his neck. Noh tilted his neck as I plant little kissed on that soft neck of his. I suck hard on y favorite place, right under his right chin. I could feel Noh's shortened breath as I sucked deeper.

"Agghhh.........", his pained moan filled my ears. His hands guides my head, he moves his chin upwards, giving me more space on his neck. He loves it. I smiled at I nibbled another spot. No skin shall be left behind.

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