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I don't want sound like a whiny child but I really miss my Noh. It has been a week since his convention started . My room seems so empty and barren... even the white ceiling looks so lonely just being all white..Although Noh and I talk on the phone at the end of the day, it still feels different having him lay close to me, feeling his warm body by my side..just waking up each day seeing his face next to me.. "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I MISS HIM".

My phone rings a familiar tone specially made for someone, I smiled automatically, reaching for the ringing thing under my pillow. I was talking to him last night till I've fallen asleep. Noh would definitely throw a fit, if he knew I stuck my phone underneath. He is always adamant to keep our phones away when sleeping. He says it's bad for my health.

Turning the video on, I slumped back on my bed, took Noh's pillow and cuddled the soft fluffy thing on my stomach.

"Noh ̴ ̴ ̴I miss you na ̴ ̴ ̴", Yup I'm whining like a child even before that familiar face pop up at my screen..

"He..he...he..Sawadee kha Dr. P'", a giggling sweet voice came from the other line instead, a cute face of a little girl with twinkling eyes props at the screen.

"er...uhmm... Sawatdee khrap Nong Love", I got up in lightning speed , awkwardly flashing my canines (talk about early morning embarrassment) to my early caller. "How are you, Nong?", I greeted this cute girl whose face makes up the whole of the phone's screen.

"I am fine, Dr. P' ,"

"What makes you call, Nong, is everything all right?", I asked with a bit worry. Usually Noh calls me by this hour, that explains that little awkward moment a while ago.

"Oh,,, Dr. P.. P'Yoru just asked me to call tell you that they went earlier today for their inspection on the protected site. He said he'll call you when he gets back."

I smiled as I listened to this cute messenger on the line. "Thank you Nong".

"You're welcome Dr. P. Your coming back here right?"

" Definitely.."

"Great..P' Yuro said so..i mean..P' Noh... I still get confused", she smiled cutely. "I'm so excited..Everyone's here misses you..even Tsuyoi misses you too. And you know Tsuyoi's got a new friend.. Snow, he is Jade's new cat. Jade is my friend , you haven't met him since he was on vacation when you came here. Snow is an orphan. We found him in the back of the school one day and he was like he is so cute but he is so thin..we don't want to leave him alone. He will  be so lonely so we ask Auntie Fly if we could keep Snow at her place and she said yes.  Auntie Fly is really kind and she makes us snacks too. Jade can't take him home because Uncle Dry is allergic to cats..he sneezes really hard.. Uh-Uh Auntie Fly is Jade's Auntie. She is the younger sister of Uncle Dry, Jade's Dad.. You haven't met her but I told her all about you and she is very excited to meet you." 

Nong Love chatters gaily as I nodded and laugh with all her stories. There's so many of them, I honestly don't know if I could keep up. She has this unlimited supply of energy.

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