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Om's cooking skills really surprises me. Coming from a guy who insist on putting Pocky on a hotpot back then. It's true you can never really tell what the future brings. It's easier to imagine him pursuing anything related to music, I mean that's how his life revolve back in high school. He did mention wanting to become a doctor too but culinary? probably the last thing on my mind .

Not that I'm complaining, cause this dishes sure are superb. My palate sings in festivities. Happy tummy, happy me.

"Shit Noh, you almost gave me a heart attack", Om's loud and filthy mouth stays the same all these years. He shakes his head and mumbled that for the hundredth times already.

I chuckled as I chug down a beer . We had finish our sumptuous meal and are now seated ourselves at the front yard enjoying the night breeze.

"It's your fault're such a coward man", I retorted back with the smug look.

"Coward my ass.", he hissed , attacking me with his hand.

But I was quick to dodge. Ha!!.i didn't come back just to get hit by you bastard.

"I really thought you were haunting me. I almost wet my pants", he complain but I don't care. Hahaha.

"And why would you be scared. Is there something worth haunting you for?", I raised my brows suspiciously towards him.

"N..NO!!!", he vehemently denied with that hard shaking of his neck I felt it would twist at any rate.

I stared down at him, giving him a stink eye.

Om sigh deeply and patted my back. "But really man, I'm really glad to have my brother back", he said this though with that seriousness on his face.

I gave him a smile and tapped his arms that on my shoulder. "Thanks man."

Om raises his bottle of beer and I clink it with my own. We let a few second of silence sets on us and silently appreciates the quietness and the beauty of the beach by night.

"Though..i should have recorded your reaction man...Hahaha...that was epic", I blurted out of the blue and laugh loudly which earned me another smack on the head (which I don't mind). It's true then, Om reminded me of a rat caught on a corner, his face is so hilarious, I can't even begin to describe it. I should have recorded it and sell it to funniest video or what. "I bet the guys would have a fit when they see it". I laughed more, not giving a care even if it is by this bastard's expense (I did cover my head this time, what if I'll have amnesia again)

"That's it...!!", Om slams the table as he got up, holding a finger up. I looked up and saw a scary smile on his face. This is the kind of face he makes whenever he cooking some devious plan (I should know, I make that kind of face too). I could almost imagine a light bulb lit up over his big head.

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