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I sat alone on a room in one of the cottages of the resort. I was ushered here right after the bachelor party held the other night which lasted till the early morn. The whole day I was held captive..Yes..captive for I was never to see the groom till the day of our wedding. And it has been 43 hours since then. Yesterday until this afternoon, I can feel the merry chaos of the island. I hear laughter, banters, teasing and talks about our wedding discussed by people who passed by the cottage. I was left in awe that everything about the wedding has been set already.

But all i could do was listen, I had not talk to anyone since yesterday.


As part of the tradition of Uncle Susu' s tribe, soon-to-be wedded couple are placed in solitude prior to  the day of their wedding. This is to give time  to both of them to really think through about the new life they are about to take. During this time, the groom and bride (both grooms on our case) will use this time to meditate on his feelings. It's like shutting everything from the outside world and just focused on the voice on the deepest corner of your heart. In layman's term, to listen to your heart.

But I don't need this. I had known since long time ago, what my heart wanted to say...who my heart beats for..and whose name it has carved within these years. I smiled to myself as I realized that today is finally THE DAY...

I wonder how Noh is doing. Is he as jittery as me? Truth is, I haven't had a descent sleep last night, wedding jitters, you could say that. I would sprung on my feet, afraid I might have oversleep and miss my wedding only to realize that only a few minutes have passed since I've closed my eyes.. This happened a few more times till I end up staring at the clock, urging it to hurry up...hahaha(lazy clock). But it only made each second pass in a slow mo as if to test my patience.I really do think this clock needs to change into new batteries.

I am getting impatient but can you blame me?

I heard the gentle rushing of the waves, the cock-a-doodle of the rooster welcoming my most waited day. The soft rustling of movements of leaves outside as one little petal miraculously  found its way into my bed. Suddenly an idea came to me,🤔 I tiptoed to the door and listened for any movements outside. There seems to be no one,  so I slowly turned the knob. I plan to escape and find Noh. I need to see him even for  a second to make sure he will show up on our wedding.

But before I could fully turned the knob and see the light, a white sheet of paper slid under my feet. It's coming from a small slit between the door and the wood flooring of this cottage.


I hung my head low and dejectedly returned to my bed.😞 Ahh..well only a few more hours..just a few more hours.


I stand in front of the full size mirror for a thousandth time already. I'm not one to really care too much about my look, but today i wanna be extra handsome..hehehe..I'm wearing a fitted pristine white shirt, a light blue blazer, white short, brown leather belt and a shining metal hanging by my neck. I smiled to myself, I loved the casual, laid back wedding outfit that I had. It fits perfectly on our sunset  wedding. I turned my head towards the door when I heard a soft knock.

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