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<because I simply love G-dragon and this is one of my faves. I just love the raw emotion of this song.  I missed Bigbang big time :(   


I've been staring aimlessly at our professor. I keep fidgeting around as I impatiently wait for the class to be over. Today is our last day of class and then it's a two-week vacation. Medical school is hell on earth. Quizzes almost every day and those practice exams and laboratory works will surely fry every living brain cells you have. Moreover, the teachers are exceptionally notorious. I think they're hell-bent on turning us into walking zombies.

"That's it for today and I'll be seeing you next month". Professor Aun casually announced as she turns off the mic and closes the projector.

As soon as our professor announced the end of class, a collective sea of relieved sighs echoed the entire room. You can't blame us though, we've been ransacking our brains ever since our freshman years and now being in the third year, you can just imagine.

However, I never regretted taking medicine. I had always wanted to be a doctor. I have this longtime dream to serve and save people. Hehe (sounds like a political slogan, right?)

"You've grown used to being a master so you wanted to be a servant", Noh once jokingly implied in one of our "serious" talks.

I smiled to myself thinking about my boyfriend. Just thinking about that childish mischievous smile always warms my heart. I miss him so much. We haven't seen each other for a week now, ARRGHHH...Our different class schedule makes it almost impossible for us to meet up. Having his faculty on the opposite side of mine, this makes it more difficult to even share a simple lunch.

Sometimes I sneak into his faculty without him knowing during lunchtime like what I did just two weeks ago. It annoys him every time but eventually holds me back whenever I try to go back sulking like a child.

"Where do you think you're going?", he asks as I was about to go.

"Back", I turn around and walk away.

"You haven't had lunch yet?", he arched his brows on me while his hand tugs my uniform.

"I'm not hungry", I answered indifferently but my stomach growled like a revolting thunder as soon as I said it, simply throwing me into an embarrassing situation. Even my own body's betraying me.

"You're not", he asked mockingly trying to hide that stupid laugh.

I gnashed my teeth as it seems I've lost this war. This stupid boyfriend of mine is clearly mocking me. Damn! This stomach!!!

"I said I'm not hungry. I'm going back", I turned around and quicken my steps.

Okay, call me childish, ill-tempered or whatever you like but I'm upset. I missed my boyfriend like hell and here he is acting like he didn't miss me at all. What the.....

"Hey", someone grab my hand and I was force to halt. I hide my smile before i turned around and meet this bastard's smiling at me.

"What?!?" I asked rudely clearly showing him my irritation, brushing his hand away.

"Let's have lunch", he dragged me back inside and pushed me to my seat. "Stay", he ordered motioning his index finger right in front of me with that amused look on his face. Bastard!! What do you take me for? a five-year-old kid? I look at him sternly but he seems to be unaffected and casually give a smirk before heading to the counter.

Noh came back with the tray of food, put it on the table and sat opposite to me. I was still sulking here so I pretended to look the other way. I saw him smile at the corner of my eyes. Clearly, he seems amused about all this but he never said a word.

He simply put the plate in front of me, places the spoon and fork and my drink.

"Eat", he said to me as he starts munching his food. I did not barge. I just look at my food and turn to look away. He takes another bite, munching his food with great gusto. "Delicious", he said to himself though I know he did it for me. I sat there deliberately ignoring this guy' s seduction.

After a while, I heard him sigh loudly as someone who has just been defeated and before I knew it, a spoonful of food is right in front of me. "Eat", he put the spoon next to my mouth, nudging the silvery utensil into my pursed lips. I look at him earnestly, then at the food his holding.

"C'mon my arm's getting numb", he whines at me displaying that addictive pout he unconsciously makes. It's enough for me to crumble my defenses. I smiled at him and happily take the food his feeding me.

 I smiled at him and happily take the food his feeding me

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It is indeed very delicious.:)

"Silly kid", he snorted shaking his head repeatedly and resume to eating his food.

I kicked his shin to which he quickly evaded. We looked at each other for a long while and burst out laughing.


Author's Note

Sawasdee Kha. Hello reader, how are you, na?

After my brain went on hiatus, they finally back so I was able to finish three chapters in one go, he he. Ideas keep flooded my mind that I have to write it as asap or else poof... so I ended up sleeping so early..early in the morning he he (1 am '(*-*)

But I still need to edit,mistakes are bound to kindly spare me for any grammatical errors

Lastly: Enjoy

XEE yah ^_^ 

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